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HSZB Automatic High speed Paper Cup Forming Machine
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  HSZB Automatic High speed Paper Cup Forming Machine  

High- speed paper cup machine is our latest machine, which is made by us base on our 20 years manufacturing experience and advanced technology from oversea countries, it is a pioneer equipment in china. Thanks to the sealing station is adopted ultrasonic sealing, so this model machine can produces various cups for hot and cold beverages; Ice cream, yoghurts, soups and snacks using single side or double sides PE coated paper. As one of our most popular models, it has its own compact structure, the machine runs steadily and fastly, finished cup with good quality, lowest waste percentage and less noisy, it is the best choice for making any type paper cups.


1)The material of cup mould is adopted aluminum instead of carbon steel,owing to the aluminum material is light than carbon steel so it assure the machine running faster than the general paper cup machine.
2)The 90degree revolve transfer cup. It make the forming cup 100% to transfer to mould, reduce the rate of wasting.
3)The cup bottom can be transferred by one time. It mean the cup bottom can be transfer to cup inside, with highly exactness, reduce the wasting when transfer the second time.
4)Revolve curling bottom. It reduce the touch about cup bottom printing and make the bottom curling equality. It will not destroy the printing surface and the two sides PE paper bottom surface.
5)The parts of machine with nice craftwork. It make sure every part can exchange by each other.
6)Tks to the bolwing air system,the finished paper cups are blowing to certain place to stacking THROUGH a piece of windpipe.



HSZB-1 model high-speed paper cup machine

HSZB-2 model high-speed paper bowl machine

Production capacity



Required   paper

170-400gsm Single Side PE Paper or Double Sides PE Paper

200-400gsm Single Side PE Paper or Double Sides PE Paper

Cup¨s Range

(A) 60 -100MM ,(B)60-140MM
(C) 40 -70MM , (D)5 -11 MM

(A) 90 -160MM ,(B)60 -150MM
(C) 70 -130MM , (D)6 -12 MM

Total power

220/380V 50/60HZ 10KW

220/380V 50/60HZ 11KW

Air supply requirement

Working pressure: 0.5-0.7working
gas volume: 0.6m3 /per minute

Working pressure: 0.5-0.7working
gas volume: 0.6m3 /per minute


2500 kg


Overall dimensions(L*W*H)

3200*1700* 2000mm

3200*1700* 2000mm

HS Code


Quality Certificate


Packing Method

Wooden Case(Inside machine is covered by plastic film)

The technological figure of paper cup (bowl/ucket)forming machine