Die Cutting Machine

Automatic die-cutting machine adopts advanced technology to organically integrate the slitting, die cutting and waste removal of paper rolls in the production of paper products, eliminating the slitting link in the traditional process , Eliminate the loss of raw paper in the slitting process, avoid the second pollution, and effectively improve the raw material utilization rate and finished product yield.

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Punching Speed


Max Feed Width


Max Unwinding Dia


Max Punching Size

850mm x 350mm

Accutate Postioning


Total Power

220/380V 50/60HZ 8.5KW

Overall Dimensions




Detail About Die Cutting Machine

1. Eliminate the waste removal process of traditional flat-press die-cutting, directly punch out the sample, and the sample cut is smooth, which also greatly reduces energy consumption and manpower.

  1. The machine adopts professional high-precision gap feed mechanism and high-speed automatic paper feed, which realizes smooth paper feeding, accurate positioning and neat paper collection.
  2. Adopt PLC microcomputer control system and the application of LCD visual man-machine interface to realize the automation of the whole machine working process.
  3. The key components, control system and fasteners of the machine are imported products and are carefully assembled. Ensures stable machine pressure, accurate positioning, safe and reliable

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