Ice Cream Paper Cone Sleeve Machine

A sucking nozzle will suck the paper, which has been printed previously, from the paper bracket to the transportation chain, and then transport it to the forming mould. During the transportation, the paper will be spread with thermosol. The position, length and quantity of thermosol can be adjusted during the production process without stopping the machine. After the formation, the paper spread with glue will be automatically blown to be transported to the collection machine. The pile and counting are automatic, and the paper will be carried out according to the pre-arranged pile numbers without stopping the machine.

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Production Capacity


Required Paper

The ordinary paper, composite aluminum foil paper, no more than 120g/m2 dry wax paper, art paper not exceeding 180g/m2

Cup’s Range

Height:70-255mm & Angle: 17° -28°

Main Configuration

1).Glue Box:is adopted Robatech from Switzerland

2).Electromagnetic valve: SMC

3).Transducer: DELTA

4).Counter: OMRON

5).Switch: OMRON

6).Relay: OMRON

7).Photocell eye: SCHNEIDER

8).AC contactor :SCHNEIDER

Total Power

220V/380V 50/60HZ 5.5KW

Overall Dimensions




Detail About Ice Cream Paper Cone Sleeve Machine


1).High efficiency, the maximum speed is 190 pcs/minute, with automatic counting of the finished product.

2).Small volume, occupying little space, with convenient installation.

3).Small load power of the machine, which is about 5.5 KW; speed regulation by frequency vibration, with high precision.

4).The transmission system adopts box type structure,with good rigidity and stability and high precision;oil circulation lubrication.

5).High automatic degree, simple operation and regulation, with convenient maintenance.

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